[K12OSN] file upload with php (squirrelmail and other)

Scott Sherrill scott at hancock.k12.mi.us
Tue Jun 22 15:25:26 UTC 2004

>  > I appreciate any suggestions -
>Probably not the suggestion you are looking for but I love OpenWebmail
>from www.openwebmail.org.  All the functions worked right out of the box
>for me and I think it has a much more refined look.  But Squirellmail
>seems to be the most popular suggestion.  It shouldn't take more than a
>hour or so to get OWM working the first time.  If you don't want to
>scrap SM you can run both at the same time until you decide which you
>want to use permanently. 
>Hey, you said "any" :-)

:-) I do appreciate the suggestion Jim.


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