[K12OSN] XDM too many retransmissions

Jeff Kinz jkinz at kinz.org
Wed Jun 23 18:47:27 UTC 2004

On Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 12:30:27PM -0400, Lewis Holcroft wrote:
> Sure can Jeff,
> I picked up a Netgear 8 port FS608 from Best Buy for $69.00 pre rebate. 
> I do not plan on using this for anything other than testing my little 
> clusters.
> I just completed an install where we used existing equipment. I had to 
> add two switches. They are made made by SignaMax 
> http://www.signamax.com We picked them up from shields electronics for 
> $200.00 each. Model F0-065-7341. I am quite sure they are unmanaged. 
> The manual is on CD. I only looked to see which port can be used for 
> stacking them. The answer was all of them.
> Hope that helps

Sure does!

Its always good to have multiple options for network equipment
especially low end switches when doing an LTSP install.

Thank you for sharing this info.  It is definitely useful.

Jeff Kinz,  Emergent Research,  Hudson, MA.  

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