[K12OSN] M$ Access replaement

Victor victor at hiplik.com.hk
Thu Jun 24 14:59:42 UTC 2004

Although 'Knoda' may be good for a MRP system, I am currently studying an
ERP system which is called webERP+ (http://web-erp.sourceforge.net/)
webERP+ is developed using Apache web server, PHP scripting language and a
backend database server, eg. Mysql, Postgresql or ODBC.
I think webERP+ is a wonderful system for trading companies in USA, Europe
and Autralia. etc.
For manufacturing companies, there are still modules to be developed for

Victor Yip

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> A while back someone was looking for a Linux replacement for  M$
> Access.  I'm currently moving our MRP system to a package called 'Knoda'
> which uses KDE, QT  and supportsd scripting in Python. So far, I'm
> impressed.
> Rick Barnich
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