[K12OSN] Run a Shell Script @ Logoff (Really Need Help/Novell)

Gavin Spurgeon gsp at leighctc.kent.sch.uk
Fri Jun 25 10:07:12 UTC 2004

Hi List....

Back on the 14th I posted this eMail:-

> Just a quick one this time....
> as you have probably guessed from the subject, I would like to
> run a Shell Script when the user logs off of the system...
> I use IceWM as the desktop environment if that helps...

I am getting really desperate now...
I have written a small bash script that mounts my users Novell Home directory
onto the desktop of my ThinClients, This works really well...
BUT.. the users MUST run the script a 2nd time before
they logoff in order to Disconnect the mount, otherwise when the
next user sits down @ the ThinClient and logs on, They can see the
last users Novell Home directory and also delete change add files
to the last persons Novell Home dir....
as well all know that users will forget to run the script a 2nd time (a few already
have) and this has caused a few problems already..
so I really need a way to run the script when ever a user logs off...

Thanks very much for your help..

Best Regards

Gavin Spurgeon
Assistant Systems Administrator
Tel: 01322 620400
DDI: 01322 620501
IS HelpDesk : Ext 541
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