[K12OSN] Help a newbie, too many variables...

Liam Marshall lsrpm at mts.net
Sun Jun 27 15:30:58 UTC 2004

> Carl Keil wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I got back from freegeek with my $20 thin client guinea pig.  It's a 
>> gateway
>> e-1000.  I looked online and the NIC is 10/100, and supports PXE 
>> booting.
>> 128megs of ram.  P233.
>> So, now I'm trying to get my k12ltsp 4.0.1 install working properly.  At
>> first it wasn't getting an IP addy.  But now it is but the next line on 
>> the
>> bootup screen stalls at
>> It says:
>> PXE-EA1:  No PXE Server found, using standard boot file.
>> tftp . . . .  (and those dots take forever to appear).
>> Then it says.
>> TFTP open timeout.
>> TFTP open timeout .
>> Exiting PCNet-FAST PXE
>> I've gone over dhcpd.conf and lts.conf till I'm blue in the face.  I'm
>> pointing to a real kernel, etc.  But it's not even doing the tftp dance 
>> at
>> all.

I got the exact same thing while using an IBM 300PL.  I did my homework 
and discovered this was the version Computers for Schools had that worked 
with Linux TSP.

I got 30 of them and decided to test them.  First 4 worked like a charm 
next 4 got the exact same messages you got.  Exactly.

But the machines were or appeared to be identical.?????

To make a long agravating story short I ended up comparing the BIOS 
revisions.  Uniformly the ones that did not work had a BIOS revision date 
of 1998 or older, while the ones that worked had revision dates of 

check the bios date and look for a BIOS flash update.  When I downloaded 
the latest for the 300PL's that did the trick and got rid of the error

good luck

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