[K12OSN] Help a newbie, too many variables...

Carl Keil carl at snarlnet.com
Mon Jun 28 05:30:39 UTC 2004

Right on!

That was a breakthrough, now I'm hung at Mounting root filesystem:
/opt/ltsp/i386 from

Any ideas how to get past this stage?  My home directory isn't empty, so I
improvised a /temphome directory for /etc/exports/  and nfs.conf

Thanks everyone, for all the help.


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>On Sun, 2004-06-27 at 00:34, Carl Keil wrote:
>> So, now I'm trying to get my k12ltsp 4.0.1 install working
>properly.  At
>> first it wasn't getting an IP addy.  But now it is but the
>next line on the
>> bootup screen stalls at
>> It says:
>> PXE-EA1:  No PXE Server found, using standard boot file.
>You'd have a pretty good chance of booting about anything
>with the 'universal boot floppy' from the thinstation
>project that you can find here:
>That should work until you can do a flash upgrade to
>fix the pxe code.
>  Les Mikesell
>   les at futuresource.com

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