[K12OSN] D Day

Terrell Prude', Jr. microman at cmosnetworks.com
Tue Jun 1 11:22:57 UTC 2004

Here you go.

1.)  No more Sasser, MyDoom, MSBlaster, Nachi, etc.  I stopped counting 
O/T for MSBlaster/Nachi at 400 hrs.
2.)  One box to maintain software on, instead of 45, thus lower on-going 
maintenance costs
3.)  Much, much easier to lock down what the kids can and cannot do.
4.)  By design, more secure (not everyone runs as "Administrator" or 
"root" by default).
5.)  Less Windows licenses to have to maintain in case of a BSA audit.  
Show him this URL: 


6.)  Less up-front cost to deploy, both in hardware and software.
7.)  His classroom instruction will actually be standards-based, not 
8.)  His kids will be more well-rounded and prepared to sit down in 
front of *any* computer they encounter, thus his instructional time is 
more useful long-term and more applicable (think "Drivers Ed" here).
9.)  Riverdale School District, and many others (e. g. Yorktown HS here 
in Arlington, VA), are doing it with great success.

Hopefully that fills your five minutes.


daniel.hunt at iibbank.ie wrote:

>Hey again all,
>Firstly, apologies for the outrageously long signature that I have no
>control of as it's appended by the mail server on all outgoing mail :o)
>Now onto the real talk.
>Tomorrow, at 8:30, I will be talking to the computer teacher that I will be
>doing up the school network for. I, naturally, want K12 in there, a kick ass
>server will of course be easier to maintain than 45 clients, a server, plus
>a few extra possible clients throughout the school. Not to mention a
>firewall/proxy/AV crap.
>He's about 95% towards Windows at the moment, but I think he'll give me a
>chance to sway him over to Linux. Depending on how persuasive I am regarding
>this chageover, he may decide that Linux is for the best.
>Help me :o)
>I'll have about 10 minutes, probably less, actually, make it 5 mins :o), to
>convince him. Start typing lads and lassies :o)

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