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Re: [K12OSN] D Day

You will need to make sure that all your clients are running 100BaseTX, FDX (that means "switched", not "hub'd"), and that the server is on nothing less than Gig-E. If you don't have a network switch capable of doing this, consider the Amer.com SR48G2i, which does this with aplomb (I tested one this weekend). It's basically a Cisco Catalyst 3548 without the heart-attack price tag, and it'll handle all 45 of your clients plus your server on one switch.

Also make sure that all of your 100BaseTX drops are actually Cat 5 or better. We're still upgrading our schools' wiring plants to Cat 5e now, and with good reason; there's still some Cat 3 sittin' out there. You don't want to even think of running 100BaseTX across such inadequate wiring. I made that mistake *once.* If that's already taken care of, then my apologies; I just wanted to make sure that cost was factored in there as well.


daniel hunt iibbank ie wrote:

No - unfortunately I don't have the time for that - I'll be there for only
30 minutes, and most of that will be talking about the hardware upgrades
neccessary for the network. Although, and I've only just thought of this,
the PC upgrades won't be neccessary if he goes for K12

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can you show him the possibilities of remote access from home windows machines to all documents.using winscp..So you could start a paper at school.dl it to home machine..work in it and ship at back to school..
platform independent...really cool..chuck

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