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Re: [K12OSN] Do I miss something ?

It isn't nearly as bad as you are trying to make it. "Copy and paste" are your friends. It's easy to set up a section of dhcp.conf for your "odd" cards and then copy and paste. Then change the MAC to match and go. Likewise in lts.conf. I much prefer this to a blind DHCP where I don't know which computer is which. I want the control of knowing exactly which computer has which IP number. It can come in quite handy when trying to investigate "misdeeds".

Realistically, how many clients are you going to "hit" your server with. With even 50-60, this doesn't take long - if you have the MAC and the video card info.

Pete wrote:

Hi K12LTSP fans :

I am fairly new to this stuff and was wondering about how you guys handle different types of terminals.

As far as I can see you have to make sure that a certain terminal gets the same IP number each time (DHCP & mac address)
and then you can tweak certain thing in lts.conf... no?
In my opinion this gets ugly quite fast, is there a better way?

Example I got 10 clients with a cirrus video card

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