[K12OSN] Server Clone

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Tue Jun 1 15:47:18 UTC 2004

> Good move! You will have it figured out in about 10 mins ... 
> :) (yay open source)

My minutes must be in cat years today :-)  Loaded Mondo on the master
server and backed up / and excluded /home to a nfs mount of /mnt/backup
into a directory called server_root with no compression and now have 5
iso's in this directory.  I burned 1.iso and booted the new server from
it.  It cannot mount any filesystems and aborts.  So now I am trying to
partition and format the drive identical to the first to see if that

This is very frustrating, such a simple process and for some reason I am
managing to make it very difficult.

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