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Tue Jun 1 23:00:18 UTC 2004

On Tue, 1 Jun 2004 daniel.hunt at iibbank.ie wrote:
> Tomorrow, at 8:30, I will be talking to the computer teacher that I will be
> doing up the school network for. I, naturally, want K12 in there, a kick ass
> server will of course be easier to maintain than 45 clients, a server, plus
> a few extra possible clients throughout the school. Not to mention a
> firewall/proxy/AV crap.
> I'll have about 10 minutes, probably less, actually, make it 5 mins 
:o), to
> convince him. Start typing lads and lassies :o)

Depending on the clients already in the room, take a preconfigured server 
in, plug the room network into it, and restart one of the machines setting 
it to boot off of the network in the BIOS. Nothing is as impressive as 
showing how easy it will be to switch over. Once started, demonstrate 
OpenOffice.org and Mozilla. Then show that the only cost he will have is 
in the server. No more license costs. No AV crap. 

If the machines are too old to do the network boot, make a boot disk up 
ahead of time. You would probably want to sneak in and try it out first 
anyway so there are no snags the first time.

Ryan Collins
Technology Coordinator

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