[K12OSN] removing other session options from the login screen

Patrick Healy phealy at dsusd.k12.ca.us
Wed Jun 2 01:24:20 UTC 2004

Hi Tim -- I did this as well -- 
(except I left Failsafe available)
and documented it in the wiki.

look here:

-- Pat Healy
Palm Desert High School

On Tue, 2004-06-01 at 14:24, Tim Litwiller wrote:
> I have set IceWM as the default window manager on a new setup and want 
> to remove Gnome and Failsafe Terminal from the options on the logon 
> screen - I thought I had found it under /etc/X11/gdm/session/Gnome - but 
> removing that didn't remove the menu item.
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