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Re: [K12OSN] D Day

daniel hunt iibbank ie wrote:
Daniel, slightly annoyed about the windows option, but nothing he can do
about it for now :o)

Sorry, I *just* jumped on this thread so I don't know the whole history, but thought I'd add my "infiltration scheme" to the mix. I had 1 teacher that was willing to try LTSP. The principal was easy to get onboard, because the other teachers were able to take his lab time. I had 4 junker computers, and one "OK" PIII server. He used it all year, and the kids were doing things that the other classes (the ones with access to all those lab macintoshes) weren't even close to doing. The real eye opener was that when you took away all the silly "learning games" the kids were able to use the computers as tools to learn regular curriculum (isn't that what computers were always supposed to do for us?).

BTW, I didn't mean to open a can of worms with the "silly learning game" comment, that's just our circumstance. (see my .sig, I've gotten in trouble before for spreading my opinions on listservs)

Anyway, having the pilot program has made the whole district less linux-wary. That, and a huge budget crunch really makes linux look good.

Don't lose hope,

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