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RE: [K12OSN] D Day

I think the phrase "the real world uses Windows" is the next big point we need to address. The same statement has been mentioned at my school too. I have a teacher very afraid of switching to Linux, I've shown him how it works, he's used it, knows what applications are available, he even likes using Linux, but don't switch his lab because "the real world uses Windows". The phrase raises it's ugly head in other spots too (substitute Windows for Office and I am fighting that one too).

Perhaps we should compile a list of companies that are using Linux on the desktop. If we could illustrate and document that companies large and small are using Linux and switching to Linux on the desktop perhaps we could dispell that statement?

Off the top of my head:

* IBM - switching to 100% Linux on desktop in 2005? (anyone have an article to support?)
* Haliburton - 13,000 desktops switching in 2005 (http://www.cio.com/archive/031503/opensource.html)
* Ford - I swear I heard Ford was considering the switch on Slashdot.
* Largo, FL
* ?


I went in and it was clear from the outset that his hands were tied.

He wanted Linux - and was very very curious as to how it would perform (I
haven't a spare machine that I could have setup to demonstrate how easy it
is to use) in the school environment.
The management however didnt see the use in using Linux as "the real world
uses Windows" - I gave up at that point, there was no point in talking to
him about it as he was on my side, it was the management who were stubborn
with it.

Strangle-hold is right - and it's really such a shame. An entire lab has to
be upgraded to make it suitable for Windows 2000.


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daniel hunt iibbank ie wrote:
Windows it is ... ah well :o)

I just don't get it....With so many advantages to open source, there is no logic whatever in choosing to shell out thousands of dollars for bloated, insecure, buggy, unstable software. I don't understand why anyone chooses windows or this strangle-hold M$ has on our schools. It's sickening. Gosh, I'm probably as dissappointed as you are!


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