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RE: [K12OSN] D Day

On Wed, 2 Jun 2004, Scott Sherrill wrote:

> I think the phrase "the real world uses Windows" is the next big
> point we need to address.   The same statement has been mentioned at
> Perhaps we should compile a list of companies that are using Linux on
> the desktop. If we could illustrate and document that companies large
> and small are using Linux and switching to Linux on the desktop
> perhaps we could dispell that statement?

OK in the spirit of whateverr

my company, Access Systems, consulting engineers
we are not large by any stretch but we have been
100% linux in all applications for over 5 years and partially used linux
alongside MS/DOS for a number of years before that. we NEVER used windows
in our office.
  and I'm getting dern tired of having to retrain new employees when they
get here because they have no clue how to actually use a computer. all
they can do is turn on windows.  most when they get comfortable with linux
pick up a copy for themselves, or at least OO.o  (probably snagged from
thier computer at work) which doesn't bother me.

we have an absolute rule though, IF ANY WINDOWS (proprietary) Software is
found on thier computer under thier password they are immediately
terminated, and they cannot load any proprietary software without

(knock on wood, we have NEVER had a virus or trojan or anything, get into
our system and do damage, an occasional new virus will get past our
firewall but has always been inert)

so from the real world.

I also use Dvorak keyboard on my computer but that is another issue

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