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Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Wed Jun 2 17:19:48 UTC 2004

Well those touch screen 'check yourself out' at the grocery stores are
using NT =)
saw 3 of them go down at once one day...
I just chuckled to myself and walked past to the bubbly cashier with the
smile and personality...

mind you if I only have 1 or two items I'll hit the 'checkout kiosk'...
wonder if anyone has developed those kiosks with a linux solution to
save $$ for
HUGE grocery store chains...*shrugs*...an idea for one of you guru's out
there tired of working for 'the man' =)


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On Wed, 2 Jun 2004, Calvin Park wrote:

> Well, not sure what this might be worth, but our college is switching 
> to an all Linux Computer Center for Fall of 2004. Moreover, almost all

> of the systems that students have access to (Finicial Aid, Library, 
> etc) have already been switched to Linux. Again, not sure if this 
> would sway anyone over, but it is an example of how HS students will 
> run into Linux as early as college.

If you watch closely you can see that Lowe's is using what looks like a
Linux thin client, at least in their wallpaper department.  It is
definitely a kde implementation.

Autozone also uses Linux.  Looks like as a login from a terminal

In both cases, I happened to catch a terminal as it rebooted.  

Jim Wildman, CISSP, RHCE
jim at rossberry.com

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