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Re: [K12OSN] Do I miss something ? part2

Hi Pete,
I've got the same problem but I was wondering if the new PXES stuff doesn't help with the older stuff in general?


especially here:

and then there is the config:
and here:

Although the last one is much older and doesn't look like it's seen much action recently...

The old boxes come in sure and steady... In terms of hardware, I could easily set up another lab of 25 just with the stuff I've got growing in a pile in the back but the DREAD of hand configuring them all leaves me cold to the idea of hours of work required to prep and install.


Pete wrote:

Thanks for the suggestions and replies.
What I learned : you can use mac addresses in lts.conf (skipping the fixed leases)
With 50-60 clients and a variety of hardware (not only diff. video cards) it can get messy :-(
Initial setup is one task the only thing I am concernced about is the ongoing maintainance
when the (old) client stuff breaks and needs to be replaced (by other older stuff)...
= edit in the lts.conf

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