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Re: [K12OSN] Stuck boot

Found the problem and not sure why.
The firewall was set to medium and was denying clients. I thought I had been cracked, the logs don't indicate that. Is there a definite way to tell if someone tampered with that or has this happened to anyone else? I changed all passwords to be on the safe side.

Huck wrote:

this seems to be a 'feature' =)
each of my test-bed-servers when participating in a sudden loss of power
or power surge
have consistantly failed to allow clients to connect afterwards...

usually though I end up with the Grey Screen and black X cursor...
I refer to the ltsp documentation 6.6.1 I believe someone pointed out to
me on a previous
thread last month...and modify 2 or 3 config files having to do with gdm
or something...
then reboot the server normally(likely a non-required step), and then
clients connect...

So I'd stress to those who don't have their servers on UPS's...to try
and get them onto one =)
saves some time in the long run.


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Josiah Ritchie wrote:

Have you checked your switch yet?

Might be a good idea to reboot/power
cycle it as well.

Rebooted it, no change.

Is 253 working?

All 3 machines won't connect

In the future a quick power outage can
be covered nicely with a UPS and solve a lot of headaches.

My test bed machine, no spares for it, lack of money |:o(
I compared a top command of this machine with another working testbed and the only difference is the lockd service is running on the machine that does not work. I did a man lockd and is says that it is nothing to worry about. So I tried to kill the PID and it wouldn't stop. Don't know

if that was a good idea or not, but it's not working as is! Mark

Mark Gumprecht Data Systems Specialist MSAD#3 Unity, Maine 04988 Gumprechtm msln net

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