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[K12OSN] USB Printer on ThinkNIC


>Is the workstation IP and name "ws006" set in dhcpd.conf? Try working
>this workstation with MAC address in lts.conf section instead of ws006.
>Sudev Barar
>Learning Linux

Yes, the dhcpd.conf is assigning the correct ip to ws006 as follows:

    host ws005 {
        hardware ethernet     00:E0:06:F4:41:E9;
    host ws006 {
        hardware ethernet     00:E0:06:F4:64:7E;
        fixed-address;	<<== WS with usb printer
    host ws007 {
        hardware ethernet     00:E0:06:EA:23:ED;

Checking /var/log/messages it shows the terminal is getting the correct
hostname and ip address from dhcp.

I had previously used the exact same setup on another ThinkNIC with an
hp656 attached to its usb port and it worked fine for a $50 printer (it
just printed very slow).

I did use in 'redhat-config-printer' for creating the
print queue. I am not running any other DirectJet print servers on the
system so port 9100 should be ok.

I will try using the MAC address instead of the station hostname in


Dan Loomis

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