[K12OSN] Fedora 2 vs WB3 or RHE3 and old proxy by-pass prob

Immanuel Derks I.Derks at translucent.nl
Fri Jun 4 06:14:25 UTC 2004

Op do 03-06-2004, om 17:13 schreef Jim Christiansen:
> I've finally had a chance to move my twin mp box to Fedora 2.  The system 
> seems equally perky with the 2.6.5 kernel as the former Debian with a 
> similar 2.6 kernel.
> How many are now using the RHE3 or WB3 for K12LTSP?
> Does anyone know how this new kernel will perform on a K12LTSP server?  I 
> routinely use my server at home to test things out before going to school...
We run it in a few small offices (9-15 clients) and the performance has
been excellent. 
(IBM225=1Xeon_3.01-2500MB-scsi_RAID5);RHES-3update2 + (k12)LTSP-4.0


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