[K12OSN] nis,ldap,ad

Josiah Ritchie jritchie at bible.edu
Fri Jun 4 13:30:04 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-06-04 at 07:48, Mark Gumprecht wrote:
> I've been pouring over past threads covering all of these. I have all 
> win2k servers running AD. I'm trying to migrate to LTSP/linux as easy as 
> possible. As far as authentication, what would be the best route. I have 
> a mix of  Linux, windows  95-xp,
> OS 9-X. Authentication across the board is getting difficult. I 
> eventually want to be mostly  LTSP boxes. I have no choice on the macs, 
> but they are mostly OS X. Words of wisdom?

LDAP is great, you can replace the GINA in XP machines with pgina to
authenticate to LDAP, or you could setup a RADIUS server. This is an
option I just started looking into. The FreeRADIUS project provides all
the software needed for free. I don't know how you could authenticate 98
machines to LDAP. Your best solution might be setting up an SAMBA/LDAP
DC and then you can authenticate via LDAP or AD off the same machine.

I don't have any experience with NIS. The reason I've recently started
checking out FreeRADIUS is that Cisco VPN can authenticate to a RADIUS
server and that's one of my summer projects.


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