[K12OSN] Problem with 4.1beta7 on Via CL10000 (Via C3)

Henning Petersen Wangerin k12osn___at___listman.redhat.com at hpc.dk
Fri Jun 4 19:49:21 UTC 2004


I'd like to setup a small ltsp-server on a Via CL10000 board, but the
installation never begins!

The only thing that hapends is 

" Uncomressing linux ... Ok to boot kernel" - or something lik that

and the system reboots. The disks validates on a mediacheck, on is
able to boot nicely on my K6-333 maschine.

Please don't tell med that I can't run FC2 on my little nice C3 based

Thanx for all hint that may come - and have a nice weekend!

Venlig hilsen / Best regards
	Henning Wangerin
        Skoletoften 9, Blans   
        DK - 6400 Soenderborg
        Tlf. 36948694 via www.musimi.dk - VoIP til det danske folk

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