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Re: [K12OSN] duplex problem with new switch

Gentgeen wrote:

Recently we had a switch go down in the school, so the our tech guy had

to take the schools one out of my room and I have to use an older

donated one. Since then I have run into a small problem.

First I want to appogize for some of the missing details, I forgot to

write everything down that I needed before I left school. It is

graduation night, and I needed to get home, so I could get back :-)

The switch I am now using is an older Cysco switch. One 100MB port (for

server) and 24 10MB port for the terminal. I use 7 of the 24 ports.

The switch is a Catalyst (sp??) model, and I do not have the necessary

wires or information to change any of the current settings. Almost all

of the terminals are using 10MB NICs, so when we made the trade, I

really did not thing there would be much of a slow down, even though the

schools switch was all 100MB ports. But there where some major

slowdowns. When I checked the logs, there was a lot of crap repeated

over and over again, all starting with something about the duplex

setting on eth0, the card that connects to the switch.

After some research, I found that if removed the module, then ran

'insmod 3c59x debug=1 options=4 full_duplex=1' everthing worked fine

again. Unfortunatly, this affects both NICs, the onboard eth1 and the

PCI card eth0, and I do not know what kind of crazyness this may be

causing to the schools network. I can't change either of the cards

since one is on-board and school only has one kind of PCI NICs I also

do not want to have to go thought the process evert time I restart the

server. So I edited the one line in '/etc/modules.conf' file to say

'alias eth0 3c59x debug=1 options=4 full_duplex=1' thinking that would

work, but it didn't.

So at this point I am lost. Where can I but those options so that it

works on boot-up, but does not mess with eth1?

To answer your first question put your line ie "insmod 3c59x debug=1 options=4 full_duplex=1" in /etc/rc.d/rc.local

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