[K12OSN] Repost: KStars downloaded images blank

Robert Arkiletian robark at telus.net
Sat Jun 5 06:45:51 UTC 2004

Well all 30 of them use nvidia riva 128's but I do have a S3 trio64+ and an 
old matrox sitting around. Thanks for the idea Terrell. I will pop out an 
nvidia card on one of them and test it out on monday. But I doubt it will 
make any difference because if I SAVE the image with KStars I can then view 
it with any image viewer (gimp, eog, web browsers). It's a real showstopper 
if you have to save and then open the image with another viewer though. I 
still think it has something to do with kdeinit and/or the XF86config 
settings in lts.conf. What I am looking for from this listserve is just some 
people to take a couple of seconds and try KStars from a client and see if 
they experience the same problem.
If they do, then I'm going to contact the developers and see if I can report 
it as a bug.

Thanks for your reply Terrell, I appreciate it.

Robert Arkiletian
Eric Hamber Secondary

On Friday 04 June 2004 7:15 pm, Terrell Prude', Jr. wrote:
> Do you by any chance have a thin client with any other type of video
> card?  You're right; if they're just GIFs and JPEGs, they should display
> just fine.  Also, if you go Web surfing on your clients, do the GIFs and
> JPEGs display properly?  When you save these images from within KStars,
> can you view them with, say, Kuickshow, Electric Eyes, or The GIMP on
> your clients?
> --TP
> Robert Arkiletian wrote:
> >Right clicking on a heavenly body in KStars will usually bring up the
> > "Show SEDS image" option. The image downloads but it will not display
> > with KStars. The image window is blank.
> >
> >I can save the image okay, though. This problem only exists on my clients.
> >They are all nvidia riva 128's. However, on the server which has an on
> > board ATI rage pro chip the images appear properly (regardless if I log
> > in as root or a user). However, on the clients, even as root I do not get
> > an image (just black space in the image window)
> >
> >So it's not a permission problem. I figure it must be a problem with
> >XF86Config for the clients and server being different.
> >
> >I have enabled 24 bit color (as the riva 128 can't do 16 with xfree86 4.3)
> > and set XSERVER = auto in lts.conf. I even tried XSERVER = nv, no luck.
> > The damn images are just gif's and jpg's. Any video card should be able
> > to display them.
> >
> >I looked at top (interactive A option) and I found the program was
> >----------kdeinit------------ that was trying to display the images.
> >I don't know anything about kdeinit but it must somehow call an image
> > viewing mechanism. Somehow the client xserver is not able to display the
> > downloaded image with kdeinit.
> >
> >Can someone try to view these celestial SEDS images on their clients and
> >confirm this behavior??? KStars is an awsome program worth the effort.
> >
> >Do I need any modules loaded with Xfree86? Anyone have any ideas to solve
> > this issue.
> >
> >BTW I'm using k12ltsp 3.1.2
> >
> >Robert Arkiletian
> >Eric Hamber Secondary
> >
> >
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