[K12OSN] Tell me why this doesn't work

Eric Feldhusen efeldhusen at chartermi.net
Tue Jun 8 00:50:52 UTC 2004

Another option is using webmin and using the clustering users and groups 
function of webmin.  I have one machine that does all my files with 
users.  That machine does a  nfs share of the /home directories to 
another a k12ltsp 4.0.1 server.  I used the clustering users & groups 
and transferred all users with uid's above 500 to the k12ltsp. I mounted 
the /home on my k12ltsp and good to go.  I'll like to get openldap 
working myself since as you can see by my signature, I handle a bit, and 
with ldap in combination with samba and netatalk, I could manage and 
utilitize my server resources and users more effectively. Unfortunately, 
time isn't in my favor.

Not quite an answer to your samba/ldap, but another option I guess.

David Trask wrote:
> Tell me why this doesn't work...one server....two nics.....one nic goes to
> a 192.x.x.x network which is directly connected to an LTSP server and so
> forth.  Nic #2 is connected to the 10.x.x.x network which is predominantly
> Windows.   /home is exported via NFS to the LTSP box.  The LTSP box is set
> up to auth to the server in question.  Server is also PDC for Windows
> (Samba) domain.  So....what's the need for Samba/LDAP?  If everything
> co-exists on one machine is Samba/LDAP necessary?  I'm not knocking
> Samba/LDAP.....I'm running it and plan to keep doing so, but I'm
> wondering.....
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Eric Feldhusen
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