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Re: [K12OSN] KDE menu editing

sysadmin wrote:

I setup one user with all the desktop and menu settings that I want the
other users to have (ie one user is setup to become the defaults for the
others). I then copy to /etc/skel the directories .kde, .opera, .mozilla
and .phoenix; we give the users a choice of four web browers but unless you
have opera, mozilla or firefox installed, you can ignore the browser
stuff. In both the .mozilla and .phoenix dirs you need to remove
appreg. When a new user is created, the menu and desktop settings are
replicated. One extra thing that you must do when the new user is created
is need to set the correct path in pref.js (.mozilla and .phoenix in the
new users home dir), which is easy with a bit of sed. I know the way that
I treat mozilla & firefox is not the recommended method but the "approved"
method is far to fiddley.

I've used this method on both RH9 & Fedora 1 successfully and while it
works for me, YMMV.


Martin Woolley

ICT Support

Handsworth Grammar School

Isis Astarte Diana Hecate Demeter Kali Inanna

Would you please post the sed script? I think that several people could benefit from it.

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