[K12OSN] "Guest" accounts

Roger roger at efn.org
Tue Jun 8 15:42:32 UTC 2004

Around Tue,Jun 08 2004, at 10:23,  Doug Simpson, wrote:
>For the general use accounts, set up accounts based on the computer not 
>user.  This way, when they sit down at computer #4 for instance, the login 
>would be computer4 and whatever password you set.  Make all the general 
>accounts use the same password.  Then the ones that have their own 
>personal account, can use their own login.
>If there's 20 computer in the lab, the usernames would be computer1 
>computer2 computer3 and etc and you could use a simple password like 
>ComputerLab! (caps and ! included for cracking avoidance.)
>Then you mark the general usernames and passwords on the from of the 
>computer.  This way, no matter who sits down there, they can use the 
>computer, including the ones with their own account.
We use 'orange','apple','strawberry',....

No password.  just enter the fruit,then enter.

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