[K12OSN] Real-Time Virus Removal

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Tue Jun 8 16:23:40 UTC 2004

Does anyone know how to configure ClamAV to perform real-time virus
removal?  I have ClamAV installed and working with Postfix and the virus
removal there works fine.  If I run # clamscan /home it will report any
infected files but doesn't remove them.  I have installed Dazuko and the
/etc/clamav.conf has the settings for Clamuko uncommented, as far as I
understood that should do it.  But I copy the test Eicar.zip file over
(through Samba) and nothing happens.  Is there any other way to test the
ClamAV-Clamuko-Dazuko setup to be sure they are working together?  I
have also seen stuff about samba-vscan and am not sure if I need that in
order for the detection of viruses from a Windows machine. 

Basically this is a file server for Macintosh and Windows clients and as
users put files on the server shares I want them immediately scanned for
viruses.  This server will also be accessed from users home machines so
I want to be sure they don't corrupt our network.  

Also if anyone knows of a way to notify a user that they attempted to
place an infected file on the server that would be awesome.  This
machine is also the email server for the same user base that is
accessing it as a file server.  If there was a way to write a script
that looked at the username of the person who tried to upload the
infected file and sent a email notification to them (or directly
injected the message into their local mailbox) with the virus name and
the name of the infected file that would be awesome.


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