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Re: [K12OSN] "Guest" accounts

We use something like this. The username is the same as the computer name. Edit the /etc/passwd file to take the "x" out of the password field.

Doug Simpson wrote:

For the general use accounts, set up accounts based on the computer not user. This way, when they sit down at computer #4 for instance, the login would be computer4 and whatever password you set. Make all the general accounts use the same password. Then the ones that have their own personal account, can use their own login.

If there's 20 computer in the lab, the usernames would be computer1 computer2 computer3 and etc and you could use a simple password like ComputerLab! (caps and ! included for cracking avoidance.)

Then you mark the general usernames and passwords on the from of the computer. This way, no matter who sits down there, they can use the computer, including the ones with their own account.


On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, Karolow, Mike [ITS] wrote:

Good morning,

This is my first question to the group, so please bear with me.  I'm
mostly looking for someone to point me in the right direction, I'm not
afraid to do the leg work, but Google hasn't helped me too much.

I'm creating a small network for a multi-age lab that will be used by
kids from K through 6.  Once I set the network up, they'll be no one on
staff to assist with administration.  The older kids and the faculty
could make use of personalized accounts, but many of them could just use
a generic "Guest" account, that doesn't have the ability to save
configuration and allows multiple logins with the same generic
username/password (or no password).  Is such a setup recommended or even
possible?  Thanks.


Mike Karolow
Sprint ITS
300 Unicorn Park Drive, 4th Floor
Woburn, Ma  01801

Mobile: 781.367.5279

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