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Re: [K12OSN] "Guest" accounts

Around Tue,Jun 08 2004, at 10:23, Doug Simpson, wrote:

For the general use accounts, set up accounts based on the computer not user. This way, when they sit down at computer #4 for instance, the login would be computer4 and whatever password you set. Make all the general accounts use the same password. Then the ones that have their own personal account, can use their own login.

If there's 20 computer in the lab, the usernames would be computer1 computer2 computer3 and etc and you could use a simple password like ComputerLab! (caps and ! included for cracking avoidance.)

Then you mark the general usernames and passwords on the from of the computer. This way, no matter who sits down there, they can use the computer, including the ones with their own account.

We use 'orange','apple','strawberry',....

No password. just enter the fruit,then enter.

If you are working with the young, then you could then put a picture at the terminal of the fruit (or jungle animal) and match the picture with user pictures provided by the login manager (kdm does this. I think gdm does too...). Then you can skip the students having to remember how to spell "passionfruit"... Always a problem for my kids ;-).

Angus Carr.

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