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Re: [K12OSN] Eureka! Woo-Hoo! It works!

I'd agree that having the info on how to make all platforms (Windows, Linux and MacOS X) have a single-sign on and a common home directory or share would be a great benifit. Now if only we could get a distrobution, or a package, which does this without to much trouble.

Just imagine: Install this package on your server, point your machines to it in order to log in, and you have a single-sign-on server! Wouldn't that be grand?


I'll be reading your documentation when you finish it, I'm sure. Glad to hear you're successful.


Gavin Henry wrote:

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This is so very cool! Now I'm going to document it and make
copies of my configs to share with the folks at the Gould Linux Seminar in
two weeks!

It would be great if you could write your mistakes and journeys up for us to benefit from :-)

I can mark it up in Docbook XML if you need me to?

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