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Matthew Ross mross at esd165.org
Tue Jun 8 23:56:56 UTC 2004

Wiki is wonderful. I'm all for a wiki page for the common questions 
asked on this list. Doesn't K12LTSP already have a Wiki? Can't we just 
make a new section there?


Shawn Powers wrote:

> Man I love this list.  That said -- is there a Bulletin Board set up 
> somewhere that we all should frequent?  If not, could there be?  If 
> there were some subject specific topic areas, I know that *I* would be 
> able to better help folks.
> I'd even have my own section, the "Terribly off-topic yet mildly 
> amusing as long as it's not Monday" section...  ;o)
> There could be a, "New Version Announcement" section, so Eric wouldn't 
> have to reiterate what version, what timeframe, etc...
> It would have a little overlap with the wiki, I know -- but 
> interactive conversation is nice.  Just a thought.  Anyone else's 
> opinion?
> -Shawn

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