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John Ingleby john at coronet.co.uk
Wed Jun 9 10:56:18 UTC 2004

Interesting... this issue just came up for me, too. I've been running
www.schoolforge.org.uk for a year now, which started life as a Wiki and
is now a PostNuke site. Over that time, from various email lists, I've
accumulated lots of messages with really useful information in them, but
never managed to develop them into Wiki pages.

Our Schoolforge-UK Wiki seems quite slow to develop, and when a useful
page does get added, sometimes it's a problem to separate out the
content from the discussion that's inserted on the page. 

I notice the Wikipedia does this better by means of separate link to
"discuss this page". In an ideal world, you could then be notified of
discussion posts by email, and even use email to post back to the

So I've been looking for a forum package that integrates with email
lists, and FUDforum seems to meet the bill. If so, it could turn a
mailing list into an easily searchable, up-to-date archive, to which you
can post either by email or web access.  

All we need then is a single point of registration for the wiki+forum,
to create what seems to be the ideal collaboration tool. If anyone is
interested in pursuing this, please get in touch.

Best wishes,

John Ingleby
Webmaster - www.schoolforge.org.uk

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> From: Shawn Powers <spowers at inlandlakes.org>
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> Matthew Ross wrote:
> > Doesn't K12LTSP already have a Wiki? 
> Yes -- I meant in addition to the wiki.  Something like 
> http://www.phpbb.com/ so there could be some interactive communication.
> I could be offbase, maybe the threads would get added so quick you 
> couldn't keep up with the forum format either, I dunno.  It was just a 
> thought.
> Wikis are great for documentation, I was just thinking that perhaps a 
> forum/bulletin board format might scale better.  Topics and threads 
> would be kept together, etc.  I just don't know if folks would be 
> willing to move these discussions there.  I certainly wouldn't want 
> DOUBLE the effort to keep up with discussions!
> -Shawn
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