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Re: [K12OSN] 853 unread messages...

Gavin Chester wrote:

I'm going to contribute to this discussion, not because I have a great
deal of knowledge in this area, simply because I have an interest in
knowledge systems ... and I'm an opinionated bore ;-)

I've got a lot out of this list over the past 18mnths simply because it
_IS_ so diverse. Someone's OT message may spark my interest and I'll
look at a web site or three that would never have come to my attention
before. Restrict this list to specific topic groupings and I would
never have that exposure because I have too much to read already and so
little time. On the other hand, force me to look at something and I
usually go "Oh yeh, that's got to be useful" or I just skip over it. As
for the vexed question of accessing all that unstructured and
(seemingly) disparate information, then all I can do is repeat that
well-worn phrase, "Google is your friend". I've actually ended up
subscribing to lists that I've never heard of after a web search led to
an answer on a mailing list.



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