[K12OSN] k12 4.1 on a laptop

Julius Szelagiewicz julius at turtle.com
Wed Jun 9 17:27:07 UTC 2004

Dear Folks,
	I need advice. I loaded the alpha7 version on my Sony Z1 laptop
and I've run into several problems, the most severe of which is a frequent
sudden freeze. (I had less frequent freezes with 4.0.1 as well). This is a
nasty show stopper. Other problems: touchpad not recognized at all, forces
me to use a usb mouse; found only one way to make built-in wireless to
work - pay the $20 to Linuxant and use the ndis driver (which actually
requires the kernel compiled with 8K stacks, not the default 4K - Eric,
pretty please?). Other than those, it is quite nice and does great work as
a demo server - i had 10 stations running really fast connected to it.
	The advice I need is in how should I try to eliminate the sudden
stops without actually devoting my life to to the search, and if there is
no feasible path here, what other distribution should i use (k12 would
come on top of that).
	thanks, julius

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