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Re: [K12OSN] deleting a 1000 users

Hi Glenn,

If you used webmin to batch create then you can use webmin to remove.

Simply modify your list as per the webmin help and you will be able to
use it to remove users. 


On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 03:47, Glenn Arnold wrote:
> I set up a 1000 users with webmin with the batch process.  Now I am
> trying to delete the accounts and for some reason webmin would only
> delete 100 of the accounts the reset it would say that user does not
> exist.  I have seen posted on this group on how to automate user
> deletion using userdel, but when I try it I get the following usage
> error "usage: userdel [-r] name".  Below is what I get when I try this.
> The users I want to delete is in delstu6.txt file.   What am I doing
> wrong with this script?
> Thanks
> -Glenn
>  [root server garnold]# for x in 'cat delstu6.txt'
> > do userdel -r $x
> > done
> usage: userdel [-r] name
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