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Re: [K12OSN] pxe boot from hard-drive?

Huck wrote:

using a win '98 boot disk doesn't work for me unless I hit F1..

Sorry Huck, I caught this thread late -- I did this for the thin clients we just set up, sorta. I followed the link on ltsp.org to the step by step directions:


It worked flawlessly. I asked a few days back about how to convert the "universal floppy image" to a .zlilo image so I could have a universal booting hard drive image, but no responses. :(

(My questions have been to difficult of late I guess, the last few have gone unanswered. :)

Anyway -- the directions really do work, and then I use G4U (no link, just google for it) to make a hard drive image and copy it to all the thin clients. It is NIC specific, which is why I wanted the universal one -- but it works well.

Let me know if it doens't work for you.


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