[K12OSN] floppy access "permission denied"

dahopkins at comcast.net dahopkins at comcast.net
Thu Jun 10 11:49:08 UTC 2004

Not sure if this is the answer, but from the mtools list ( http://www.tux.org/mailman/listinfo/mtools ) 

from message:
" In a seemingly random fashion, floppyd leaves behind some sort of lock
 file called, in my case, '-+dev-+floppy-+1'.  From time to time a user
 will be unable to access the floppy - getting an access denied error.
 If I go to a local console and delete the lock file the problem is
 temporarily resolved, but will usually come back shortly, as if floppyd
 is somehow crashing and restarting itself without cleaning up the lock
 file in /tmp. ...fixed by in patch 20030524 "

The mtools list is a very low volume list if you choose to subscribe.

Dave Hopkins

> My students can download/upload to their floppies with icon as I have enabled 
> floppy access in lts.conf. But after a few reads or writes the floppies can't 
> be accessed anymore. It says "permission denied. Authentication failed" and 
> they can no longer access the floppy. But if they go to another client it 
> works again for 1 transfer and then the same problem. What's going on here? 
> Anyone else experience this with 3.1.2?
> Robert Arkiletian
> Eric Hamber Secondary
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