[K12OSN] RE: Samba/LDAP how-to

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Thu Jun 10 15:02:11 UTC 2004

Here ya go Tim.


The link above is to the pdf version of my latest how-to for
Samba-LDAP....I duplicated the set up today.  I will post my configs
(hopefully Friday) for all to access.  Let me know of additions,
omissions, and screw-ups.  

PS....Derek, feel free to use this in any way you want for the session
at Gould...change it or whatever.

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Coordinator
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us
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On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 02:49, Nathan Shaffer wrote:
> Thanks for writing this!  With the close of school this week, I was
> just getting ready to start plowing into this topic on my own (been 
> studying Samba 3 for the past month).  We are already authenticating 
> with LDAP on multiple servers and using SAMBA to share volumes without

> authentication for general file sharing between Wintel boxes and the 
> LTSP desktops / labs.

Did I accidentally delete the HowTo?  I don't remember seeing it.


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