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Tom Brown tbrown at michiana.org
Thu Jun 10 14:46:15 UTC 2004

Drupal handles email-to-forum or forum-to-email conversions poorly. I 
suspect other CMS/bb systems are similar in their inability to satisfy both 


At 01:45 PM 6/9/04 -0700, you wrote:
>Having spent a bit of time searching the K12OSN archives at RH I wasnt' at 
>all impressed with its searching cabapibilities. Is there a way to mirror 
>the archive so that posts to a forum would be routed to the list-serv and 
>vice versa? That way we could have the best of both worlds and maybe even 
>gain more users by having the forums available to subscribers much like 
>this list?
>Tom Brown wrote:
>>If K12OSN moves away from the listserv format, we'll probably lose 
>>members. Examples:
>>1. Michiana Linux Users Group changed its web site from static pages and 
>>a listserv to Drupal (CMS with forums, blogs, etc.). Some members flatly 
>>refused to use the forum based, interactive site and threatened to leave 
>>the organization. Apparently a significant number of folks like the 
>>simple listserv format and don't want to browse for information or check 
>>multiple forums. So MLUG kept the listerv intact, and it is more active 
>>than the CMS forums.
>>2. The Indiana Green Party had a one-size-fits-all listserv and divided 
>>it into two listservs (announce, discuss). The organization lost a large 
>>percentage of  its subscribers when members had to choose one, the other, 
>>or both lists. Change is a drop-out opportunity.
>>An advantage of the one-size-fits-all listserv is keeping local 
>>searchable archives. CMS/bb systems are often full text searchable, but 
>>nothing beats an off-line archive for availability and speed -- if you 
>>have the local storage.
>>At 08:06 PM 6/9/04 +0800, you wrote:
>>>On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 18:56, John Ingleby wrote:
>>> > Interesting... this issue just came up for me, too. I've been running
>>> > www.schoolforge.org.uk for a year now, which started life as a Wiki and
>>> > is now a PostNuke site. Over that time, from various email lists, I've
>>> > accumulated lots of messages with really useful information in them, but
>>> > never managed to develop them into Wiki pages.
>>> >
>>> > So I've been looking for a forum package that integrates with email
>>> > lists, and FUDforum seems to meet the bill. If so, it could turn a
>>> > mailing list into an easily searchable, up-to-date archive, to which you
>>> > can post either by email or web access.
>>>I'm going to contribute to this discussion, not because I have a great
>>>deal of knowledge in this area, simply because I have an interest in
>>>knowledge systems ... and I'm an opinionated bore ;-)
>>>I've got a lot out of this list over the past 18mnths simply because it
>>>_IS_ so diverse.  Someone's OT message may spark my interest and I'll
>>>look at a web site or three that would never have come to my attention
>>>before.  Restrict this list to specific topic groupings and I would
>>>never have that exposure because I have too much to read already and so
>>>little time.  On the other hand, force me to look at something and I
>>>usually go "Oh yeh, that's got to be useful" or I just skip over it.  As
>>>for the vexed question of accessing all that unstructured and
>>>(seemingly) disparate information, then all I can do is repeat that
>>>well-worn phrase, "Google is your friend".  I've actually ended up
>>>subscribing to lists that I've never heard of after a web search led to
>>>an answer on a mailing list.
>>>         Regards,
>>>         Gavin Chester
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