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howie g92470176 at csie.ntnu.edu.tw
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You can enabel esound on lts.conf ,and It will auto dectect your sound
If auto dectect script cannot find your sound card  ,you may have to check
audio dvevice list in /opt/ltsp/etc/ .

You also want to have full audio function ,such as mixer dsp....etc. .
I think you can find some solution in thoses web site

MuNAS is a piece of software which addresses the problem that the X Window
system does not support the handling of audio data. It allows the
thin-client/server computing model in Linux to handle multimedia
applications: the audio data generated by Open Sound System (OSS/Free)
compatible audio applications which are executed in the terminal server can
be transferred to X-terminals. Thus, with MuNAS installed, you can execute
multimedia applications in the terminal server and listen to the sound from
your X-terminal. Currently, several manufactures of windows terminal are
planning to install the MuNAS in their X-terminals.

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> I have 8 terminals all with different types and brands of sound cards.
> Is it possible to place enteries in the lts.conf or other file that will
> cause the xmms and other audio programs to function properly in each
> terminal?  If this is possible how do I go about doing it and where can
> I find more info on the process.  My server is running K12LTSP 4.01.
> Thanks
> Pat
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