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Re: [K12OSN] XDCMP through a Firewall

Hello Gavin,

Any particular reason why you need to forward XDMCP through a firewall? Usually, X11 is never run across the Internet for security reasons; it's generally kept to the trusted network.


Gavin Spurgeon wrote:

Hi All....
I have been 'Google'ing for a short wile on how I can get and
XDCMP session to run from a PXES boot cd from the PXES
Project @ http://pxes.sf.net through our Firewall here...
I have all the XDCMP options set on the server & running fine.
but I cant work out which ports I will need to forward...
I now 177 is the XDCMP port but with this forwarded it still
doesn't seem to work...
Has anyone got any quick tips that may help ? Or has anyone
already done this in a similar way ?
Thank for any help...
Best Regards

Gavin Spurgeon
Assistant Systems Administrator
Tel: 01322 620400
DDI: 01322 620501

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