[K12OSN] Samba / LTSP syncing

Dan Bo faengoy at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 11 13:41:15 UTC 2004

Well, I would suggest using Webmin to sync the samba
and Unix users, and the webmin-cluster to make sure
that all users are in sync across both machines. 
Seems the simplest method
------------Original Message------------
I have one machine with k12OS running as samba server
another machine running K12LTSP as terminal server. 

I intend to add all users to the samba server and then
copy passwd, group and shadow files over to terminal
server on a daily/twice daily cron job.

I too hope to use some kind of text file containing
first name and last name and SIN# which will extract a
username  and password from this data and add these
users in one shot. Different text files for different
groups would be useful i assume. The thing is, a
smbpasswd entry needs to be made too - is there a way
to do this in one shot.   

really new to all this

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