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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP Client Configuration Program?

It does look pretty good:

looks more robust than:

Anyone else using symbiont? Anyone else using something similar?

Matthew Ross wrote:
I'm curious of anybody has either heard of something like this, or if they're currently working on this kind of a project?

An interface which will allow an administrator to have easier control over the various client options. Text based, Web based or in a graphical X environment, It really doesn't matter, this tool would allow changes made to machines, especially as it comes to the lts.conf file. Sound card configuration, custom Video card settings, all on a per-client (more specifically a per-MAC address) basis.

If a project like this is in the works, could somebody point me toward it? If there is no such project, I just might be ambitious enough (even though my coding skills don't quite meet the challenge) to make a Webmin module.


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