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Re: [K12OSN] font thread

Huck wrote:
Instead of hijacking the former thread on including fonts etc etc..
is there a HOWTO or other form of documentation out there
to implement system wide font additions?
or is it always app specific?
I have never had luck with fonts in linux...
and I miss a specific font it was simply ' t ' in my very first linux install using slakware...
it was a terminal font...xwindows really wasn't an option back then =)

I've installed fonts before that have become available to all three major word processors on my system (Kword, Abi and OOo) and Scribus, simultaneously, but they did not become available to the Gimp. I found a how to for installing fonts for the gimp, but it didn't work/hosed my fontserver. Shall I dig it up again?


Anthony Baldwin
Freedom to Learn!

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