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RE: [K12OSN] priv/pub folder for users


I will tell you how I do this on my (non-LTSP) installation. There is
probably an easier way. All of my users are using samba to access user
directories from their win 2k laptops. On our installation, each user has a
web page. In our environment, the students have their private and
public_html directories mapped when they login.

In skel, set up home with two folders. The permissions on private should be
700. The permissions on public_html should be 755.

Change your smb.conf homes section to include the following

create mode = 0644
force create mode = 0644
directory mode = 0755
force directory mode = 0755

In webmin, go to the samba module proerties and in the create mode for homes
change the permissions from 755 to 711.

In httpd.conf "uncomment" the section that starts <Directory

Restart samba and httpd.

Each new user created will have a home directory that has a private folder
and a public_html folder. The public folder will be the user home page to
share work. Students can navigate the directory stucture in network
neighborhood, but they can't access anything in the "private" folder. The
students can now maintain web pages for presentations out of their home

Here are a couple of a student pages from classes I taught last semester.
Bear in mind that these are kids, and the work is not perfect.



Regards...   Tom

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A Norwegian LTSP distro (Skolelinux) gives all users a priv folder and a
pub folder in their home. Any user can enter any home folder and open
the pub folder. However, the priv folder remains private.

What do I have to set in /etc/skel (if that is the place) for this? I
see that this can have its advantages for sharing work among the

Best regards

Trond Mæhlum

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