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Re: [K12OSN] Tell me why this doesn't work

On Mon, 7 Jun 2004, Eric Feldhusen wrote:
> Another option is using webmin and using the clustering users and groups 
> function of webmin.  I have one machine that does all my files with 
> users.  That machine does a  nfs share of the /home directories to 
> another a k12ltsp 4.0.1 server.  I used the clustering users & groups 
> and transferred all users with uid's above 500 to the k12ltsp. I mounted 
> the /home on my k12ltsp and good to go.  I'll like to get openldap 
> working myself since as you can see by my signature, I handle a bit, and 
> with ldap in combination with samba and netatalk, I could manage and 
> utilitize my server resources and users more effectively. Unfortunately, 
> time isn't in my favor.
> Not quite an answer to your samba/ldap, but another option I guess.

Moving even further off-topic, but going ldap you might want to look at 
Mac OS X Server. Since you mention netatalk, I'm assuming you have some 
Macs in your district. The 10 user version is only $250 for schools, and 
that ten user limit is only for apple file share connections, it doesn't 
count NFS or SMB connections.

Anyway, our file servers run OS X server, offering authentication for the 
Macs and LTSP over LDAP and run as a PDC for our Windows clients. The macs 
mount the home directories over AFP, LTSP over NFS, and the Windows 
clients use SMB. The students can go to any machine in the building and 
log in and automatically have access to their files. As soon as I test an 
AppleWorks solution for LTSP this summer, I'll be a happy man.

It does cost money, but $249 is worth it for time saved, since the OS X 
administration tools are top notch. (We do run unlimited which costs 

Ryan Collins
Director of I.T. - Kenton City Schools

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