[K12OSN] LTSP Client Configuration Program?

Joe Guenther jguenther at chinooksedge.ab.ca
Sun Jun 13 22:23:06 UTC 2004

I just installed the symbiont GUI on a test server at home and thought the
whole thing looked great ... UNTIL I looked at the dhcpd.conf and lts.conf
files it left behind.  It did NOT leave the functional files alone ... it
rewrote them with the few changes I made ... resulting in totally
dysfunctional conf files.  with just a few tweaks to the configuration, it
only wrote the changes ... not the stuff that did not change.  Conclusion
... either use only this, or use the text files as they come from Jim
McQuillan, but you would not want to use both methods of editing the conf

It is a bit like samba-swat that also re-writes your files, it at least
leaves a functional all inclusive version of the configuration.  That said
... Symbiont workstation manager at least left a nice backup of the files.

I personally use Kate to do my editing.  You can load the various files and
leave them displayed on the screen.  Next time you open Kate those files are
all nicely there.  I can make changes in dhcpd.conf  and then flip to the
terminal window, also in Kate and do the /sbin/service dhcpd restart  and
all the changes take effect.  This also allows one to make lots of comment
lines in the conf files.... which workstation this is ... location ... all
the wonderful examples in the files as they come out of the box.

So I was impressed with the nice visual gui, but the way they write to the
files is totally unusable in my opinion.

Joe Guenther
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LANtech - Didsbury
Chinook's Edge School Div.

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It does look pretty good:

looks more robust than:

Anyone else using symbiont? Anyone else using something similar?

Matthew Ross wrote:
> I'm curious of anybody has either heard of something like this, or if
> they're currently working on this kind of a project?
> An interface which will allow an administrator to have easier control
> over the various client options. Text based, Web based or in a graphical
> X environment, It really doesn't matter, this tool would allow changes
> made to machines, especially as it comes to the lts.conf file. Sound
> card configuration, custom Video card settings, all on a per-client
> (more specifically a per-MAC address) basis.
> If a project like this is in the works, could somebody point me toward
> it? If there is no such project, I just might be ambitious enough (even
> though my coding skills don't quite meet the challenge) to make a Webmin
> module.
> --Matt
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