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Re: [K12OSN] XDCMP through an 'Internal' Firewall

Gavin Spurgeon wrote:

Hello Gavin,

Any particular reason why you need to forward XDMCP through a firewall?
Usually, X11 is never run across the Internet for security reasons; it's
generally kept to the trusted network.

Yes I know & understand the security issues, but I didn't say that the clients will be going over the internet, I just said trough a firewall... the firewall is 1 of a few internal network firewalls that allow us to control the flow of data that bit better on our network... All of the networks are 'Trusted' as they are all part of our very large network... The firewall in question is one of the firewalls that controls data across from 1 campus to the other.. I hope that helps...

Oh, OK. When you said "through a firewall", I just figured you meant across the Internet. My mistake. Sounds like you've got a pretty complex setup there! :-)

What I would do is get the IP address of your thin client and look to see what traffic is attempting to pass through the firewall to/from that IP address. Then, when it shows up at the firewall (getting blocked, I presume), you can just open up that type of traffic, and you should be good to go. How far are your clients getting in the boot process?


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