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[K12OSN] LTSP Wizard and help

using the full version of K12LTSP (Fedora Core) and choosing the defaults for installing as a terminal
server, everything worked right out of the box, so to speak, except for the sound card on my terminal
server and on workstations. The workstations were trying to load the driver for the server's sound card,
at least thats what I thought I saw during boot and afterward when I tried Sound Card Detection from one
of the sub menus

With Suse 9.1 it recognized and loaded my sound card on the machine I am now using as a terminal server
and on the machine I tried as a workstation

when the workstation was using suse it had hard drive, cdrom etc. Installed, booted twice, and voila,

I am hesitant about going back to suse though and then installing just the ltsp prog because it worked so
beautifully for everything else. I literally had to do nothing but enable PXE booting as my first boot
device on the workstation and I was in and operating.

I doubt whether installing suse then standalone ltsp package will be as smooth.

the workstations I will be using have different sound cards from the server. Most on board, some PCI.
How do I get them functioning when the workstation is booting off the nic?

and some of the nics don't have pxe as an option, even though they are on board nics. Only RPL-Rom,
which fails to connect to the terminal server. I assume there is a config file somewhere to tell the
terminal server to work with both PXE and RPL-Rom?

Help please. This is too assume for me to pass on. Everything but sound and nics works great, and the
pxe nics work without doing a thing!!!

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